Middle & High School Fellowship Hours

This year middle and high school youth will gather separately for a fellowship hour between Sunday worship services. One Sunday a month will be breakfast club, either cooking and eating at the church or going out. Another Sunday will involve a special activity – going to a park, doing an art project, bowling, etc. On the other two Sundays the youth will have a devotion, do an activity and have relevant discussions. For example, we may color an advanced coloring page while discussing cyber-bullying or play minute-to-win-it games while discussing if school is teaching skills necessary to succeed in life.

Middle and High School Youth Boards

Mount Olive has two youth boards that gather to plan fellowship activities for themselves and their respective peers. They will plan activities such as: lock-ins, Sunday morning fellowship hour, activities outside of church, and summer trips. Middle and high school youth are encouraged to get involved in this leadership opportunity. We will meet once a month on Wednesday night in the Youth Room.


Mount Olive has a conventional confirmation program. 7th and 8th grade students are invited to meet on Wednesday nights to explore what it means to be baptized as a Lutheran in the ELCA using the small catechism. Along with fellowship, service and putting words to their faith, students will be prepared for being confirmed the fall of their 9th grade year. Please contact our Pastor of Children, Youth and Family, Luke Hollander luke@molive.org for more information.

Sacramental Mystagogy

The best way to learn about the Sacraments is to participate in them. We call this mystagogy: teaching through participation in the mystery of God’s presence in, with, and under the Word, the Water, the Bread and the Wine. We have ongoing opportunities for you to learn about what it means to be invited into Baptism and Communion.


Preparation for baptism begins with a conversation with a pastor. Please contact the Church Office at 507.288.1580 to schedule a thirty minute meeting with one of the pastors to learn, share, and prepare for this important congregational event.


People of all ages (yes, even small children!) are welcome to join the whole church at the Communion table. An intergenerational session called Welcome to Communion: An Introduction to the Sacrament is available twice a year for those who want to learn more about the sacrament. All ages are welcome.