All people at Mount Olive are encouraged to continue to grow in their faith through study of Scripture, Lutheran theology, and the implications of what it means to live as God’s people. We do this in a variety of ways:

Sunday Mornings

The Sunday Morning Forum takes place from 10:10-10:50 a.m. from September through May, usually in the Fellowship Hall. This intergenerational forum often focuses on our social ministry partners and other faith-based learning. During Lent it becomes a Scripture study led by the pastors. Grab a cup of coffee and join the group! Everyone is welcome.

Men’s Discipleship Group

The Men’s Discipleship Group meets every Saturday morning at the church from 8:30-9:30 am during the program year.

Women’s Ministry at Mount Olive

All women of Mount Olive are welcome to participate in the women’s ministry, often referred to as WELCA or Women of the ELCA.  This group focuses on fellowship, Bible study, and service. There are six small groups, often called circles, that meet monthly during the program year for Bible study, discussion and spiritual care. Meeting times vary and include: morning, afternoon, and evening groups. Some groups meet online during the winter months. These meetings are a great time for fellowship and forming life-long friendships. Spending time together in Bible study is also a wonderful way to learn about the Bible in a comfortable setting. Currently the Bible study used comes from Gather magazine. Mount Olive women also host fellowship events throughout the year. All women are welcome to attend, whether they participate in a small group or not. Contact Women’s Ministry Facilitator, Cathy Hanson at  or 507-398-3917 with questions or for information about joining one of the groups.  Look for updates about coming events in weekly bulletins or the newsletter.

Sacramental Mystagogy

The best way to learn about the Sacraments is to participate in them. We call this mystagogy: teaching through participation in the mystery of God’s presence in, with, and under the Word, the Water, the Bread and the Wine. We have ongoing opportunities for you to learn about what it means to be invited into Baptism and Communion.


Preparation for baptism begins with a conversation with a pastor. Please contact the Church Office at (507) 288-1580 to schedule a thirty minute meeting with one of the pastors to learn, share, and prepare for this important congregational event.


People of all ages (including small children!) are welcome to join the whole church at the Communion table. An intergenerational session called Welcome to Communion: An Introduction to the Sacrament is available twice a year for those who want to learn more about the sacrament. Both young and old are welcome.