Mount Olive reaches beyond the local community to serve our global brothers and sisters. Our goal is to strengthen not only our own society, but also others.

ELCA World Hunger

elca_world_hungerGod richly provides for daily bread – the earth can produce enough food for everyone. Yet, many of our sisters and brothers still go hungry. By providing immediate relief to those who are hungry, ELCA World Hunger meets basic needs and recognizes the universal human right to food. They work to connect people with the resources they need to produce food and gain access to clean water, education, health care and sources of income so that long-term, sustainable change can be accomplished.

Mount Olive supports ELCA World Hunger in a variety of ways. Proceeds from soup suppers during Lent, children supporting God’s Global Barnyard and the Malaria Campaign, purchases from the Good Gifts catalog, and the CROP Walk all support ELCA World Hunger and its partners to help make it possible for the ELCA to respond, supporting sustainable solutions that get at the root causes of hunger and poverty.


Lutheran World Relief

lwrLutheran World Relief is a non-profit organization that works with local partners to provide lasting solutions to poverty, injustice and human suffering. In 2013, LWR reached over 7 million people in 35 countries with 185 projects.

Mount Olive supports LWR by making quilts. These quilts not only provide comfort, but also provide an object that is useful in imaginative ways including a baby carrier, a sunshade, a shawl and most importantly a constant reminder that someone far away cares a lot.

Mount Olive supports LWR by putting together Personal Care Kits. For the past few years, from the supplies provided by the congregation during promotion time, our Middle School Youth assemble the kits. After blessing during worship, they are sent to the LWR warehouse in the Twin Cities to be shipped overseas.

layette2Mount Olive supports LWR by putting together Baby Care Kits. We have a long history of assembling the Baby Care Kits by our Sunday School Youth. Again, the supplies are provided by the congregation and kits are assembled between services. After blessing during worship, they are sent to the LWR warehouse in the Twin Cities to be shipped overseas.

Mount Olive supports the LWR Coffee Project which offers a fair, just and equitable marketplace for small-scale farmers around the world. Fair Trade coffee is served on Sunday morning and is available for purchase in the gathering area.


Mission ColombiaMission Logo-01

By walking and working together, we seek to accompany our sisters and brothers in Colombia. Accompaniment is the process of walking together in a solidarity that practices interdependence and mutuality. Mount Olive aims to live out accompaniment in relationships with our Colombian companions in a manner that is mutual, inclusive, vulnerable, empowering, and sustainable. Visit the Mission Colombia Blog to find out more. Also, check out Curtis and Katie Cline’s blog, they are our Missionaries in Colombia.

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Tanzania Partnership

Mount Olive celebrates over 40 years of partnership with Kijota Lutheran Church in Kijota, Tanzania. At nearly every Mount Olive worship service our sister congregation is remembered in prayer. Over the years, Mount Olive has sent delegations to visit and to set up some computers and networking to allow the people there to have better access to Internet resources. You can read about the mission and see reports and photos from the trip at the Mount Olive blog.


Vivian Gulleen Center

GulleenVivian Gulleen Center was started in 1968 by the Kijota church and was named after a Diocesan Women’s director from Augustana Lutheran Mission in the United States. Vivian Gulleen was a hard working woman who supported poor women by educating them. The center was initially a training center for women in leadership and the vision was revised to empower girls, mostly those who had missed other opportunities, to further their studies.

In 2001, the Board of Vivian Gulleen and its staff developed plans and strategies to make their institutional programs remain relevant for the coming decades. The plans were tried in 2003, but the institution found that it was lacking resources to provide modern housing, computer technology and skilled trainers. The budget to build the program and remodel the institution was $60,000 and the Institution was being threatened with closure. However, the vision to keep the plan in place was renewed. In 2008, the church collected $90,000 from various sources (including fiscal and computer donations from Mount Olive). The Institution completed renovation work on the old buildings, constructed one office and the program for the high school girls was started. In 2010, three classes were developed with aid from the government and the school grounds were fenced in.