Meet our new Director of Children, Youth & Family

KaileaWelcome to Kailea Mattheis. Kailea is from Hartford, South Dakota, and is coming to us via Wartburg Seminary, where she is finishing her Master’s Degree. Before her graduate work at Wartburg Seminary, she was a Religion major at Augustana University, and has been engaged in ministry with families and young people throughout her years in school.  In addition to leading family and youth programs at Wartburg Seminary, she has also led summer experiences at Ne-So-Dak, the Lutheran outdoor ministry center in the Northeast corner of South Dakota.  We are excited that Kailea’s graduate program has included some work around Confirmation and inter-generational family ministries, and we look forward to how her insights will guide us as the Spirit of God nurtures and grows faith in our shared lives together.






Visitors Expected


The sign outside of Mount Olive says, “Visitors Expected!” We mean this. We expect YOU, whether you are a new resident to Rochester, or you’ve been here for years, or you are just visiting. We have a completely accessible facility for physically-challenged folks. We are open and welcoming to people of all creeds, beliefs, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. We believe that God has called us to this ministry of hospitality and we welcome guests every weekend. Consider yourself invited.

We are also an unapologetically Lutheran community of faith. This means that our theology is centered in the life and death of Jesus Christ. This means that we are part of a long line of historic churches who celebrate infant baptism and weekly Holy Communion. This means that the Word of God is the norm and basis for our life together. We are also a part of one particular group of Lutherans – the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and through this group we are networked with thousands of other congregations, mission sites, social service agencies, and educational institutions that live out the faith of Jesus Christ in similar ways.

We would love to have you join us for worship on a weekend. Our communion table is open to all as God draws you. Please come and introduce yourself, stay for coffee and fellowship afterwards, and get to know us better. We believe Christ calls each person, of every age and situation, to some kind of ministry. We also believe that our lives are enriched when we do ministry together. YOU are welcome to explore YOUR calling in this community of God’s people.