May 9 Worship Bulletin

Next Chapter Gala is Friday, May 7

Each year, our ministry partner, Next Chapter Ministries hosts the annual Restoration Celebration where the work and people of Next Chapter are celebrated. This year will be a bit different, but still a celebration. You may either attend the event in-person at 6:00 pm at the International Event Center, 7333 Airport View Dr. SW, or you may attend online by going to during the event. Mount Olive is a sponsoring organization, and tables have been reserved for Mount Olive members. If you would like to attend in-person, please contact Pastor Glenn at Thank you.


A Return to In-Person Worship for Pentecost!

We are excited to announce that Sunday, May 23rd, Pentecost Sunday, is the date when we will once again invite people back to indoor worship at Mount Olive.  We know it has been a long time coming, but we feel that the time is right to begin again.  This initial foray into in-person worship is not meant to be the permanent model going forward, but a model that we can live with in this interim time when we are still dealing with coronavirus cases, and many people are not yet vaccinated. Worship will be offered in the sanctuary every Sunday at 9:00 am and every Sunday at 11:00 am outside in the parking lot in Tailgate style.  We will continue to offer a full online service for at-home worshippers. The service will be posted on our YouTube channel on Sundays.    A congregational letter will be coming your way which will  include everything you will need to know prior to our first gathering.  We look forward to seeing you!


Olive Branch Happenings

Mount Olive’s Welcome Statement

“We trust that God calls Mount Olive Lutheran Church to a ministry of reconciliation. We embrace as a gift the diversity of our neighborhood and the world, and we extend God’s hospitality by welcoming, hearing, and treasuring:

All gender identities and sexual orientations All races and ethnicities All ages and abilities
All economic statuses and education levels All faith journeys and personal histories

As Christ welcomes all, we too welcome the full inclusion of all people into the life, ministry, and sacraments of Mount Olive, joining in a journey toward greater love, understanding, and mutual respect.”

We are also an unapologetically Lutheran community of faith. This means:

  • Our theology is centered in the life and death of Jesus Christ.
  • We are part of a long line of historic churches which celebrate infant baptism and weekly Holy Communion.
  • The Word of God is the norm and basis for our life together.

We are also part of one particular group of Lutherans – the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Through this group we are networked with thousands of other congregations, mission sites, social service agencies, and educational institutions that live out the faith of Jesus Christ in similar ways.

We believe Christ calls each person to some kind of ministry. We also believe that our lives are enriched when we do ministry together. You are welcome to explore your calling in this community of God’s people.